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Fun undersea eating game for all ages

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Dive into the simplicity of Feeding Frenzy, a classic computer game that pits your tiny fish against a sea of monsters waiting to devour him. The name of the game is to chomp your way to a bigger protagonist while encountering a vast array of enemies that don't wish the best for your little fish.

The cartoon styling of the game's design is reminiscent of the movie Finding Nemo. You are in a bright, colorful world of sea creatures and objects. You begin as a small fish with bigger fish surrounding you. There are always a few fish smaller than you, which you can consume to crank up the grow-meter and make your fish grow larger. The larger you grow, the more enemies you can consume. Each new level brings an onslaught of new enemies, so things never get boring, but the dynamics of the game are steady throughout. This is a repetitive game for some folks.

You work your way up through hundreds of different levels until you are faced with the biggest monster of them all, who is your mortal enemy the Shark King, and he does not play around. This is an end-boss concept that makes the game feel like you've actually beaten it when you reach the end, but the way to defeat the Shark King is as simple as the other enemies. You simply grow big enough to consume him and take your rightful place as the king of the sea.

Feeding Frenzy is simple enough for children to play it, but it's fun enough for adults to get a kick out of it, too. Thousands of people flock to the sea for some simple Feeding Frenzy action. It is an excellent little time waster that is truly fun for the folks that play it. The download is smooth and the game is old enough to have been tweaked and ready to play right out of the box or out of a download. You won't encounter a lot of diversity in this game, though. The biggest complaint is that you do the same thing over and over. For some people, that's fine because the sound effects and graphics are amusing enough to make this a very addictive game right off the bat.


- Bright graphics and sound effects make this a wildly entertaining game from beginning to finish

- The game eases you into its world slowly and teaches you the ends and outs before throwing bigger monsters at you

- Simple enough for children to play

- A classic game that has proven itself to be addictive and fun with a large audience


- Enemies and gameplay become repetitive for some folks

- The cartoon-like graphics won't appeal to some older gamers

Final Verdict

Feeding Frenzy continues to be a timeless hit with a massive audience of gamers both young and old. If you love simple, addictive games with a sweet feel to them, then Feeding Frenzy is as challenging as these games come.

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